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December 2017: Our South America & Antarctica Itinerary

 The two questions I've been asked the most are:
"Are you really, really, seriously flying LAN Airlines again?"
"Where / when / what are you doing / seeing?" 

 So, to answer your questions, yes, we actually are flying LAN Airlines again. And not just once-every single one of our flights aside from the very first one from JFK to Buenos Aires is, in fact, operated by LAN. No, I'm not happy with it. Yes, I see them fucking at least some part of this trip up with their stupidity. No, we had no other choice. They are the only major airline option for a very large majority of South America, and the only ones who aren't on that list of airlines with safety records so terrible that they aren't allowed to operate in America and most of the free world. Since we had to have a large mandatory insurance policy for this trip, we just decided to add the insurance on to cover the remainder of the trip before and after Antarctica to cover our asses. And since I made a friends with someone at the FAA last time they tried to screw us out of our insurance settlement, I won't have to waste time trolling them on social media this time around. I mean, I actually still do it once in a while. Since LAN Airlines and LaTam Airlines merged last year, I discovered that I was no longer banned from their Facebook page. So when I'm having a terrible day, I'll go on and remind them how much I hate them. I was actually surprised that my reservations weren't rejected when it was time to buy them.  

 You can read all about the LAN Airlines Peru Disaster of 2015 here:

We're still finalizing a few of the smaller details, but for now, here is the current itinerary!

Friday, December 8th: New York
Spending the day in transit, departing JFK for our red-eye flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Saturday, December 9th-Monday, December 11th: Buenos Aires, Argentina
We'll be exploring Buenos Aires and seeing what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. We found a trip out to Colonia, Uruguay that would let us to add yet another country onto this trip.

Tuesday, December 12th: Ushuaia, Argentina
We have a charter flight from Buenos Aires down to Ushuaia, Argentina-the southern most city in the world. Depending on how merciful the travel gods are, we should have about a day and a half to do some exploring. I'm debating taking a ride on the "Train to the End of the World"-which is exactly what it sounds like.

Wednesday, December 13th: Antarctica
Finally time to board the M.S. Expedition and leave South America to start the journey south.

Thursday, December 14th - Friday, December 15th:
Drake Passage
We'll be spending these two days crossing the Drake Passage-the most hazardous waters in the world. This is also known as the time where I'm betting Janine gets seasick and I win our little bet LOL. Don't ask. I'm almost positive that there will be video of some sort of the loser.

Saturday, December 16th - Tuesday, December 19th:
We'll officially be in Antarctica! We'll be attempting two zodiac landings a day. This will also be the source of any and all fail videos of Larissa getting into and out of the zodiacs. We're also booked for camping for a night on land during this time (and, as an added bonus for your entertainment-it'll be Janine's very first time camping!). And of course, we'll be doing a polar plunge because duh. Since I have to miss the Asbury Park plunge this year, I'll definitely be making up for it here. Rumor has it that the inflatable T-Rex costume may make an appearance, provided that there's still room in the luggage. We'll see...

Wednesday, December 20th - Thursday, December 21st: Drake Passage
Back across the Drake Passage we go. I'm so excited. Also, that was sarcasm.

Friday, December 22nd: Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, Argentina
We'll officially be back on land, and hopping a charter flight back to Buenos Aires late in the day to head back towards civilization.

Saturday, December 23rd: Santiago, Chile
We have an early morning flight north to Santiago, Chile. Rather than spend Christmas in an airport (or worse- on a plane operated by LAN), we decided to spend Christmas in Chile.

Sunday, December 24th: Easter Island, Chile
Flight out to Easter Island

Monday, December 25th - Tuesday, December 26th: Easter Island, Chile
Easter Island! We have almost three full days to explore. We'll be spending Christmas running around volcanoes and checking out the Moai  that are all over the island. I'm so excited. And that was not sarcasm.
Wednesday, December 27th: Santiago, Chile
Time to check out of Easter Island and catch a flight back to Santiago, Chile.

Thursday, December 28th - Friday, December 29th: Santiago, Chile
Since we have more time the second time through, we'll be doing some exploring around Santiago. We've been debating doing a winery day or three since Chile is the home to some of the most famous vineyards in the world, and because wine. Obviously. 

Saturday, December 30th: Santiago, Chile
We get one last day in Santiago, before we're back in transit back to New York on another red-eye flight.

Sunday, December 31st: New York
We should be arriving home the morning of New Years Eve. Which should hopefully give us enough time to avoid the mayhem that is NYC on New Years Eve and get home. 

That's all for now. It's been a bit hectic lately, but I actually have a few upcoming posts in progress about our adventures in the Middle East, so check back soon.


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