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Things To Do In Darwin Australia: The Cage Of Death

Anytime I need to find sometime crazy to try when I'm traveling, the first thing that I do is text Janine from www.travelrunlive.com because she's the absolute best at finding these crazy, off the beaten path things to do. And since the cruise line wasn't offering anything remotely interesting in Darwin, Australia (also known as one of the few ports that didn't get cancelled), she found this gem for me: The Cage of Death.

The Cage of Death allows you to go for a swim with the honest to God biggest crocodiles that I've ever seen in my life, from the safety of your own giant plexiglass tube. You have the option of booking this solo, or two people to a tube (I did this one solo). Once you climb a few steps down a ladder into the tube, it's lifted and dropped into the tank of the day-I got to swim with Axel. Let's take a look and appreciate just how god damn big Axel is for a minute:

This crocodile is so friggin big that you can't even get the entire thing in one single, wide shot. He's enormous.

You get to get pretty up close and personal with them-the handlers will dangle chicken literally right up against your tube, and when he snapped his jaws, even I'll admit that I jumped a bit. If you look at the picture above, it almost looks like the photo is damaged with the scratches on the tube-nope. Those are either claw marks, or teeth marks-I'm not 100% positive. I still have both GoPro footage and a 360 degree video that was taken while I was in there to pull, and on it, you should be able to see just how crazy scratched up the plexiglass is up close.

You get about fifteen minutes in the tube before they kick you out. The photo package was Australian $100 if I remember correctly, but they do give you every single photo (about 75 or so), plus the 360 degree video of your entire experience on a CD. That price also includes two free printed photos as well.

Your cage of death ticket also includes admission to Crocosaurus Cove, where you can see some other alligators, fish, and lots of reptiles. From the port, I was able to walk right off of the ship and hop into a waiting taxi to head there. It was about a ten minute drive there. After I was finished, I just walked about two blocks down the street towards the pier and was easily able to hail another cab back.

The person who went in before me...

Only in Australia....
A baby croc!
I'll update the post once I have time to pull the video and take a look at it. Check back soon for lots more on my....very interesting cruise.


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