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Holiday Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life (or me): 2016 Edition

It's that time of the year again, and I'm so not prepared like I usually am. By now, I usually have a majority of my shopping done and this year just hasn't happened with all of the craziness. But since November is here, it's time for the annual "What to buy for your favorite traveler (or me)" post.
As some of you know, I also have an Etsy store, and I'm a big supporter of shopping local and supporting small business, so I'll be featuring a few of my favorite travel gifts from here this year.

1. Wooden Mountain Wall Shelf

Why it's awesome:

Just think of how awesome this would look on your wall, holding your travel chotskies that you pick up in every country that you stop in. I wish I had room on my travel wall for this. Actually, maybe I just need to make room for it since I've been eyeing it up for so long already.

Price: $48
Buy Me: Wooden Mountain Wall Shelf

2. Map Heart Shadow Box

Why it's awesome:

When you travel, you leave a little piece of your heart in so many different places. Why pick one place to frame when you can pick 9? It's perfect for remembering your favorite places-maybe an engagement, a celebration, your favorite city, a favorite trip. They have lots of options, with smaller and larger options available.

Price: $84 for the one pictured above (prices vary depending on how many locations you choose)

3. Travel Sleep Mask

Why it's awesome:

Because napping on an airplane is hard enough (unless you have first class seats). A kick ass, oversized sleep mask helps you block out all of the light, the light from your neighbors, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to catch a nap and wake up just in time for breakfast. And this vintage floral fabric is chic to boot. (added bonus: you can have it shaped like a cat instead!)

Price: $12.75

4. Travel Rings

Why it's awesome:

I never, ever, ever travel with my good jewelry because that's just asking for trouble, no matter where in the world you are. Instead, I have what I call my "travel ring". I check 100 times a day out of habit to make sure there's still a ring on my finger, and this solves this problem. Instead of a city name, I have the coordinates to Edinburgh-but the options are limitless. You can pick your material (yellow gold, pink gold, or silver) and several fonts when ordering. They're also stackable. I think I need another one.

Price: $12.75

5. Mason Jar Travel Piggy Bank

Why it's awesome:

Because how else are we supposed to save up for our next ten trips? That, and I have a serious obsession with all things mason jar.

Price: $19

6. MIRA 40oz Insulated Travel Bottle

Why it's awesome:

We each bought one of these in our carry on for our 17 hour non-stop flight from hell. Bring it through security empty, and either fill it with bottled water, or with ice water once onboard. These bottles will legitimately keep your drink cold 15+ hours, and save you from having to go in search of water during long flights. They also came in handy for long days on the road, and safari days when breaks were few and far between.

Price: $21

7. Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Why it's awesome:

I will never, ever, ever get on another long haul flight without these headphones. If I have these, a neck pillow, and an eye mask, I can actually sleep on a plane-when I NEVER could before. If you buy them new at full price, they're a splurge. I got mine on eBay for $175 as an open box item, and they were worth every penny. They cancel out almost all of the noise-passengers, engine-and replace it with golden friggin silence. I also used them to watch a movie on my iPad once in a while, and since they're wireless and Bluetooth, it worked out perfectly.

Price: $370


8. Rifle Paper Co. Travel Art Prints

Why it's awesome:

I've been OBSESSED with Rifle Paper Co. for years-I have their new iPhone 7+ case on my phone as we speak. I own everything from planners to wrapping paper from them, and I'm in LOVE with their travel prints like the one above. They have them available for a ton of different locations, and are available in a range of sizes, with or without a frame. I want to fill an entire wall in my house with them. They're just so gorgeous.

Price: Starting at $24 (with optional larger sizes and framing options available)

9. iMuto Power Bank USB Charger

Why it's awesome:

I've had portable power bank chargers in the past, but this thing is an absolute beast. This single handedly got us through our two week trip to Africa when plugs were scarce and electronics needed to be charged. It has two USB sockets in it-one is a rapid charger-and it packs enough punch to recharge several items completely on a single charge. I don't leave home without it. It's a little on the heavy side-but when you only have one plug and several electronics that charge via USB, this thing is a life saver and a must-have.

Price: $30

That conclude's the 2016 shopping list-is there anything not included that you'd love to get as a traveler?

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