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A Quick Update on Epic 2017 Plans!

So my fancy new blog design gave me lots of new options, including a way to keep everyone posted on my next confirmed trips (which you see on the main page listed under "Upcoming Travel" under my fancy new featured destination slide show).

One of my biggest goals that I set for myself in my early 20's when I got bit by the travel bug was to hit all seven continents by the time I hit 30. Obviously, getting rear ended by some uninsured scumbag forced me to put those plans on hold to recoup for the last few years, and instead of hitting Antarctica for my 30th, I was having spinal cord surgery. FML right? Well, the good news is I'M BACK BITCHES!
Granted, I booked 90% of these upcoming trips and excursions before getting official clearance from my surgeon, but since my last surgery when I became the proud recipient of a spanking new Spinal Cord Simulator (or, as Beckie calls it, my Walkman), there's been a huge improvement with regards to my levels of pain in my lower back, and I'm excited to officially announce that by December 2017, I will have officially set foot on all seven continents! I'll be three years late, but that's what happens when some uninsured douche canoe rear ends you at a high rate of speed and causes your lower back to quite literally collapse I guess.

I just finished packing my bags (nothing like the last minute) because in less than 24 hours from now, I'll be on a plane over the Atlantic enroute to Iceland! (For details on that trip, CLICK HERE).

After I get home, the real fun begins. I get to unpack, and prepare to repack for a Christmas week trip to the Bahamas on NCL's Breakaway, and then very quickly come home and repack again for a super, epic trip that's the end plan for hitting my goal.

On January 13, 2017, I'll be at Newark International Airport boarding a Cathay Pacific non-stop flight to Hong Kong-cross Asia off of that list!! I'll be embarking on an almost month long cruise through NCL taking me through six different countries and two different continents-Asia & Australia.

I'm planning on doing a more detailed post on this crazy, insane adventure once I get back from Iceland, because I have some pretty crazy excursions booked since I did get the OK from my surgeon, but I wanted to give you a quick run down.

As you can see, I'll be making 12 ports of call all over the place, all new places that I have yet to explore. I have about 80% of my itinerary and excursions booked and confirmed, and I'll be sharing those in a later post. I'm excited to not only be knocking off two more needed continents, but that I get to do a TON of exploring around the different countries and cities.

After this trip, I have a bit of a break until my week long Bermuda cruise in May-so nice I'm doing it twice.

For the grand finale, in December 2017, I'll be flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina to start an almost month long stint in South America and Antarctica. That's right-ANTARCTICA!

 From Buenos Aires, we have a charter flight to the southernmost inhabited city in the world-Ushuaia, Argentina to embark on a cruise to Antarctica aboard the M.S. Expedition through G Adventures. Not only will I get to set foot on one of the least visited places in the world, I get to spend a night camped there on land. Go big or go home! The best part? I'll be doing it with two of my closest friends, who will also be knocking off their 7th continent at the same time with me. And since Janine is my equal in crazy, of course we're planning on some crazy adventures already. After the cruise finishes, we'll be spending some more time in South America TBD, most likely hitting Easter Island, Chile for Christmas (YES!), and possibly attempting Peru and Machu Picchu for the second time.

  Of course, all of this is completely dependent on surviving all of the craziness that I have booked to make it to Antarctica, and even if I make it to that trip, there's still the Drake Passage crossing that I have to somehow make it through (think Deadliest Catch on crack), so we'll keep our fingers crossed. Gotta earn that Antarctica Expedition Parka somehow I guess.

I'll be posting much more on the upcoming trips, and of course, there's Iceland for the next week, so check back soon for lots more.


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