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Treat Yo Self (Or Someone Awesome!): Globein Subscriptions

Normally, I would reserve a post like this for the holidays, or for my annual list of what to get for the traveler in your life. In this case, I decided that I wanted to get something for ME! I stumbled upon this awesome company called GlobeIn (www.globein.com) and gave it a shot.

What is GlobeIn you ask? It seems like the latest craze is getting a monthly subscription box, whether it's filled with make-up or hair stuff or home stuff. GlobeIn sends you a monthly box of curiated, artisan made products from around the world. All of their products are fair-trade, and support small, local shops from around the world. Each month has a "theme". My first month's theme was "Cozy". 

"Cozy" in a box pretty much sums it up. My box came with the most awesome mug ever-I use it for EVERYTHING because it's so nice and big. The mug comes from Nebeul, which is a city on the Mediterranean coast in northeastern Tunisia. It's pretty much a double size coffee cup. It's hand thrown clay, hand painted, and so pretty.

And what goes perfect with my extra large mug? How about some Divine Cocoa from Ghana. They also included a recipe book with the box of different ways to use this amazing cocoa!

 And just in case you were still cold, it also included a Marquet Fair Trade Scarf from Thailand. They're woven on hand-built looms, and are super soft! I've worn my scarf out a few times already-perfect for a cold winter day.

Every monthly subscription comes in a unique, Palm Leaf basket from Mexico. After a few monthly subscriptions, I'm looking forward to having a few baskets to line up on my shelf to organize a few things.

If there's an item in your subscription that you particularly liked and can't get enough of, you can log onto their website and order additional items individually. Be warned-they sell out fast though!

I just got the email notification that my next month's subscription has shipped-it's theme is "Rise & Shine". I can't wait to find out what's in it! 

You can make a one-time purchase of a basket for $50, or you can do a month-to-month subscription for $35 and cancel any time. I love getting different things from all corners of the world, which also benefit local artisans. So whether you need an awesome gift for the traveler in your life, or just want to treat yourself, be sure to check out GlobeIn! You can also find more information on their past themes, and even grab a few of the items while they're still available!

Til next time!

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