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Holiday Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life (or me...): Part Deux

It's that time of the year again! Since Thanksgiving has come and gone, I guess it's time to (reluctantly) start working on the holiday decorating and shopping. Where did 2015 go? While I'm super excited for 2016 since I have a good amount of travel planned, I just don't know where the time went. But since we all have to shop, I wanted to do another "Holiday Gifts for the Traveler" list since they're usually my most popular posts of the year. So, without further adieu, let's get to it!

1. Vintage Maps

Why it's awesome:

I've been on a HUGE vintage kick this year-first with vintage china from all over the world, and now vintage maps! When it comes to Christmas, my best friend and I go all out-and we can't keep secrets to save our lives. So she gave me my vintage British Isles map, circa 1911 (the actual map above). How amazing is it? And these aren't reproductions-these are ACTUAL maps. I also have on order an 1889 Scotland map, a 1927 Greece map, and an 1889 German Empire map.

You can buy them through Instragram through 51vintagecircle
Just comment with your email address, and she'll invoice you via paypal. There are SO many that I want-and they're an awesome budget friendly gift! My Greece map was only $7. Follow her account for sales and specials. 

Price: Varies, depending on the maps available


2. Personalized Country State Necklace

Why it's awesome:

Show your undying love of your favorite country or state with these awesome necklaces! They have every country (and state) under the sun, and you can even more the location of the heart to represent a favorite city, birthplace, or location.

Price: $18

3. Chic World Globes

Why it's awesome:

I NEED this for my home (no really, can someone please buy me this?). Gorgeous globe + calligraphy (with a phrase of your choosing) is perfection. It also makes for an amazing conversation piece for your home or office.

Price: $75

4. Vera Bradley Foldable Roller Luggage

Why it's awesome:

Roller luggage that folds down flat while not in use? What will you do with all of the extra closet space? And since it's Vera Bradley, you know that it'll be pretty. It's on the pricey side at $178 for a rolling carry-on, but you also get what you pay for. I currently have a (non-folding) Vera Bradley carry on that's been around the world and back, and is still in mint condition. They hold up exceptionally well, and come with lots of pockets to stash your stuff. Sign up for their emails for a HUGE coupon for your birthday (Or, just make your birthday sometime in December)

Price: Starting at $178

5. DSLR Crossbody Camera Bag


 Why it's awesome:

I own one, and it was worth every penny. Chic enough to haul around my good camera without making it obvious that I'm hauling around $800 worth of equipment. Plenty of room for up to FOUR lenses and extra SD cards. And as an extra perk, it can totally double as a purse or satchel for a night on the town if you aren't planning on taking your camera. It's also available in a ton of color and style options. #Winning

Price: $82

6. Tea From Around the World Set

 Why it's awesome:

Explore a world of flavor without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. Your passport is this international set of ten, single-estate, loose leaf teas. Both a great introduction for the tea novice and a journey off the beaten path for the connoisseur, the assortment offers a taste of the wide variety that tea has to offer. From the chestnut aroma of Long Jing green tea, to the mix of bancha tea and roasted rice found in Genmaicha, there are plenty of delights to explore. The set comes with 10 tubes of tea, each with enough leaves to brew a 6-8 cup pot, as well has an informative book full of background information and brewing tips.

Price: $55

7. Luggage Scale

 Why it's awesome:

There is absolutely nothing worse than paying for overweight luggage, especially on extended trips. We've dumped everything from shoes to clothes to toiletries on long trips to make room in our luggage or lower the weight. And noone wants to fork over fifty Euros because your a single pound over the limit (just ask my best friend). A luggage scale is a must have for any traveler.

Price: $17.95

8. Destination Dinners

 Why it's awesome:

Choose from 12 different dinner kits and give the traveler in your life a meal that they won't forget! The kits include everything that you need to make an amazing cultural meal, along with complete instructions, trivia, and more! Allow me to make you hungry: options include Singaporean Ribs with Bok Choy, Pad Thai, Jerk Chicken & Shrimp, and Falafel with Hellfire Harissa Sauce, and many more. Anddddddd now I'm starving.

Price: Starting at $30

9. Tieks Ballet Flats

 Why it's awesome:

Even if you aren't a traveler, every girl should own a pair of Tieks. Yes, they are expensive for ballet flats. But wear them for a day and find out why they're worth every penny. Super padded and comfy-perfect for exploring a new city by foot and never missing a beat. They come in a TON of colors and patterns-and are foldable (without creasing). Night out on the town in heels? Pack these babies in your clutch so you're ready to dance the night away. They've made every list imaginable for a good reason (hi Oprah!)-splurge and enjoy.

Price: Starting at $175

That's all for now! Time to start shopping.....if you're feeling generous, I'm a size 11 for Tieks, I love Pad Thai, and I need a new globe and vintage maps.

Happy Holidays to all my readers near and far! Stay tuned for 2016-big things are in the works!


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