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Round The World Airfare: What You Need To Know

As much as I travel, until very recently, I had no idea that round-the-world airfare deals existed! Once I discovered this, I knew that I needed to look into this a bit more.

Star Alliance

Star Alliance offers a Round The World Fare, giving you access to 27 different airlines, 1321 destinations in 193 countries, and over 18000 daily flights.

Booking your ticket is quite easy-you simply select your desired destinations from a map. You're limited to 16 segments, and have to start and finish your trip within the same country-though not the same city. Keep in mind that 16 segments doesn't mean 16 different destinations, as some destinations will require connecting flights.

I tested the website out with a sample itinerary, and I was able to get from NYC to Honolulu with 8 other destinations in between. You have the option of choosing your cabin-economy, business, or first, and prices will vary depending on the one that you choose. My sample destination came to $7181-including all taxes and surcharges. Not bad for quite literally going around the world!

If you're looking to stick with just one area-say, the South Pacific, then you're in luck! Star Alliance also offers a Circle Pacific Fare, which gives you access to 14 airlines flying to any of the South Pacific countries-Vietnam to Fiji to New Zealand and everything in between. Like the round-the-world fare, you're limited to 16 segments.

Star Alliance also offers something called Airpass. Booking this will give you access to up to 10 segments within a specific continent-such as Europe, or Africa. This is a great option for those who want to explore one continent in detail.


Star Alliance has the largest and most well connected network, but they definitely aren't the only ones to offer this fare.

One World is a close second, offering access to 1000 destinations in over 150 countries. They have two different programs, called OneWorld Explorer and Global Explorer.

The difference between the two is how pricing is calculated. OneWorld Explorer is based on the number of continents that you choose to visit, while Global Explorer offers more flexibility, and is based on the total distance traveled. 

With OneWorld Explorer,  you are allowed 16 segments, can can choose up to 4 segments per continent. You also have your choice of travel class.

When using Global Explorer, you have a bit more flexibility, and some different stop-over  allowances.

They also offer several sample itineraries to inspire you, and you have the ability to book your entire trip with a single OneWorld member airline.


If it's something that you're seriously contemplating, then I would recommend checking out this website as a final step before taking the plunge. They provide in-depth reviews of the top companies offering round-the-world fares, and rate everything from price to service speed to frustration factor, and include reviews from people who have utilized the individual services.

Have any of you booked a round-the-world fare? If so, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me an email at thetravelingmortician@comcast.net and share your experience!

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