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Travel Approved Product Review: SleepPhones

SleepPhones are another item that made my Christmas Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life list a few weeks ago, and I had mentioned that I was looking into them to drown out the terrible snoring from my husband. A week later, they were on Groupon for half price, and it was like a divine sign that I needed to order them.

A week later, they arrived, and I couldn't wait to try them out!

The cord that they come with is a few feet long-plenty long to still keep my phone charged and stash it under my pillow when I'm using them. I downloaded the app, which is free and gives you several options for "white noise" to help you fall asleep, very similar to a sound machine.

I've used it several times since I got it, and even found another use for it! I now use them almost every night laying in bed while watching Netflix on my iPad. I can easily lay on my side and get comfortable (unlike wearing headphones), and the sound doesn't "leak" from them like some headphones do, which means the hubby can sleep blissfully next to me without hearing anything. The only other thing that would make them perfect would be if they were wireless-fingers crossed for that!

These fold easily to slip into carry-on luggage or a purse, and would come in handy trying to drown out the plane noises also-can't wait to take these on my next trip.

Price: $40

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