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Travel Approved Product Review: Sholdit Infinity Pocket Scarf

A few weeks ago, I put together a list of amazing present ideas for the travelers in your life (check it out HERE)...and since then, I've decided to splurge and grab two of them ::cough Black Friday sale couch::

When I stumbled across the Sholdit Infinity Scarf, I knew that I wanted one and wasn't waiting til Christmas. I grabbed one in black at Bed Bath & Beyond-it cost be $20 in the end after the coupon.

Every girl loves a good infinity scarf-it goes with everything. This one has hidden pockets, with enough space for a passport, cash, credit cards, and other essentials. This comes in handy double at the airport-throw your important stuff in there, and when it's time for security, just take the whole thing off to scan. Because I know that you don't want to be THAT asshole at the airport. Don't know what asshole I'm talking about? CLICK HERE.

It was love at first use. I had the opportunity to wear it to work on a funeral this week since it's been crazy cold in NJ. It's the perfect size to hold a cell phone, license, and some lip gloss, without having to carry a purse or clutch. I also threw it on the next day with a sweater and jeans for a trip to the store.

There's several different ways that you can wear it also-and it also folds down into a cute little clutch.

I love it because I loaded it up, and nobody believed me that I had stuff stashed in it until I showed them. I can't WAIT to take this on my next trip. Plenty of room for passports and plane tickets. It also comes in lots of different colors and patterns, so there's something for everyone.

Ready to ger your own? Bed Bath & Beyond just started carrying them (and you can use their coupons!). For the larger variety, you can order them direct from their website at www.sholdit.com

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