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Drinking Our Way Through The Garden State: Part 3

The NJ Winery Passport Challenge is quickly turning into one of my favorite events ever! We managed to knock out the Cape May Wine Trail the same weekend that we did the NJ Lighthouse Challenge, because we're awesome like that. So let's get to it! 

October 2014

Cape May Winery - Cape May, NJ - Cape May Wine Trail

We got to this winery at about 5pm after a crazy day of lighthouse hopping and a few hundred miles of driving. Unfortunately for us, they were getting ready to close for the night and were no longer doing tastings. As a compromise, they sold us glasses of wine and stamped our passports. We were able to hang out on their outdoor patio with gorgeous views of the vineyards for a bit before heading to the Cape May Lighthouse. I've been fortunate to have been here before and do a tasting, so I can still give you a few recommendations :)

 Don't leave without trying:
Lighthouse Blush
Lighthouse White
Isaac Smith Merlot


Willow Creek Winery -West Cape May, NJ - Cape May Wine Trail

Willow Creek was supposed to be our last stop of the day for Saturday, since they have late hours. However, upon arrival, we discovered that they closed early for a wedding. Bummer! They were awesome enough to stamp our passports though, saving us from having to make a 200 mile roundtrip to come back.

Hawk Haven Winery - Rio Grande, NJ - Cape May Wine Trail

Hawk Haven was the first stop for Sunday morning since Janine & Brian were running the Run The Vineyards 5k race on the property (you can read all about that HERE ). We got there as the race was winding down, and then it was time for some wine! They had several tasting stations set up to accommodate the crowds, as well as some food as well. If you ran the race, then a tasting was included with your entry fee, along with a special souvenier glass and a t-shirt.
  Don't leave without trying:
Pinot Grigi0
Northern Harrier Red
Red Tailed Rose

Natali Vineyards - Cape May Courthouse, NJ - Cape May Wine Trail

Natali Vineyards was a short trip away from Hawk Haven, so this was our next stop. They have an extensive list of fruit wines which are my absolute favorite, so I was excited to try them-especially since they had some flavors that I've never tried before! Hello peach, banana, and strawberry wines! They also pair their wines with chocolate, so w were given chocolate morsels for the different wines (peanut butter for banana, chocolate for strawberry, etc). They also threw in a bonus tasting of their port, which was good (and strong!).

  Don't leave without trying:
Courthouse Blush

Jessie Creek Winery - Cape May Courthouse, NJ - Cape May Wine Trail

Jessie Creek is literally right down the road from Natali, and was our last stop in the Cape May Wine Trail. These owners were awesome-so nice, and super friendly. They gave us a mini tour of the winery after the tasting and hung out with us to chat for almost a half hour!

Jessie Creek Winery also has a B&B on site, making it perfect for those who want to do the trail but split it up into two days.

  Don't leave without trying: 
Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Sauvignon

Current Count: 1 down, 28 to go!! 

MUCH more winery fun to come, so check back soon!


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