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A Great White Shark Selfie: New to the 2015 Bucket List

Every morning, I browse the news on msn.com, and this morning I found something that stopped me dead in my tracks: some fellow crazy person managed to snap a selfie with a great white shark during a cage diving session.

Check out his bad ass selfie!!

 Cage diving with great white sharks has long been on my bucket list-and this article today completely reignited my desire to check it off. I started furiously pounding away on google, until I found out where I could do this-and luckily for me, there's one location in the US (one of only five spots in the entire world!).

Allow me to introduce Great White Adventures, located in Farallon Islands, California (just a few minutes outside of San Francisco). They run tours September-November every day, 7 days a week (as this is optimum shark season). For $775, they'll get you hooked up and in a cage diving with great white sharks for a 12 hour trip.

Their price includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, and drinks (including beer). Wet suits are NOT included, but a quick search online shows that you can easily rent one for $45 for an entire week-and they'll ship it to your house. You can also stop into on of the local surf shops in the area for rental as well.

My last attempt at scuba diving was a complete disaster. I attempted to go in Hawaii several years ago with my husband (who shockingly did it-and he doesn't do ANYTHING!!). As we were getting suited up, I started to get super upset for no good reason. I was the last one to get into the water, and as soon as I started to sink, I had a full blown panic attack. I was hysterically crying-and I couldn't figure out why. Apparently, this is an anxiety attack, and I had never had one before. Jumping off buildings or out of planes-no problem. But I couldn't handle scuba for some reason. Ever since then, I've been so determined to conquer it and try it again, and so I'm hoping this one goes a little better than last time.

2014 has completely sold out already-so we are currently looking to book a date in September 2015 now. And by we of course I mean my fellow crazy friend Janine from Travel, Run, Live. We'll be there with out GoPro and waterproof cameras to capture the experience-and hopefullly come home with a pair of bad ass shark selfies.

Check back soon-it's almost winery hopping time again!

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