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New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge 2014

The weekend of October 18th & 19th 2014 will be hosting the NJ Lighthouse Challenge. What's that you ask? It's a race to visit every single lighthouse (and two museums!)  in the State of New Jersey in a single weekend. Besides helping to raise funds for their continued operation and preservation, it also features a drawing for a $1000 prize for all those who are able to complete it. Challenge accepted!

It's a very large amount of driving, with several hundred miles to cover in 48 hours. And, because we love a good challenge,  we're also going to attempt to knock off the Cape May Wine Trail for the NJ Winery Passport Challenge (More on that: HERE), and Janine and Brian from www.travelrunlive.com are also going to squeeze in the Fall Trail 5k at Hawk Haven Winery while i drink wine and take pictures on the side.

Directions to each lighthouse after the jump!

Hope to see you out there! We'll be posting a follow up after it's over to let you know how we did!

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