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Drinking Our Way Through the Garden State: Part 2

  We just finished our second excursion on the NJ Wine Trails. We decided to knock out the easiest, most local (to us) trail first, which is the Jersey Shore Trail. The wineries in the program are broken down into "groups", or trails as they're called, and are supposed to all in the same "general" area. 

The first two that we completed (See Drinking Our Way Through The Garden State: Part 1 ) were part of this trail. When we decided to knock a few more off, our intentions were to complete this one trail, which has three more in it. Then, we found out that one of the three was going to be closed on the Saturday that we went. When we left the house, we only thought we were going to make it to two. And then two turned into four :)

Working Dog Winery, in my opinion, should be part of the Vintage North Jersey Grand Wine Trail. It's absolutely NO where near the shore, and just a short drive from several in this other trail. But better for us for the day!

September 2014

Working Dog Winery - Hightstown, NJ - Jersey Shore Wine Trail

Working Dog Winery was our first stop for the day. Also known as Silver Decoy Winery, they were forced to change their name because of some bigger asshole California winery with the word "decoy" also in their name threatened to sue. We had the whole place to ourselves, and this one was my favorite stop of the day. The wines were sweet and the vineyards were beautiful.

 Don't leave without trying:
Silver Decoy Reisling
Silver Decoy Chambourcin
Blueberry Wine

Terhune Orchards Winery - Princeton, NJ - Vintage North Jersey Grand Wine Trail

Stop number two for the day was just a short 20 minute drive away. Terhune is a family owned working farm, so in addition to wine, you can also pick your own apples, pumpkins, and flowers. Since it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, this place was PACKED! They had several stations set up for wine tastings, though since it was so busy, we really weren't given too much in the way of information on the wines, or much guidance.

 Don't leave without trying:
Apple Wine
Cold Soil White

Hopewell Valley Vineyards - Pennington, NJ - Vintage North Jersey Grand Wine Trail

Stop number three for the day was just another few minutes away. $6 will get you six tastings, and they had some good ones! They were out of a few from their menu since they were holding an on-site wedding that evening, but luckily for us, there were still some good ones left.They have a few sparkling wines on the menu, which I have a weakness for. I've tasted lots of white sparkling, but this was my first time tasting a red.

Janine was pumped for their Chocolate Porto Rosso, which was a good time. Very chocolatey!!

  Don't leave without trying:
Chocolate Porto Rosso
White Merlot
Spuma Rossa

Food Break - Osteria Procaccini - Pennington, NJ

Not a winery, but worthy of it's own post. We stopped for lunch before going to the fourth winery, because by this time, Janine was no longer legally allowed to drive in NJ. They make home made, terra cotta fired pizzas. They were listed as the #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor, and for a damn good reason. I think all three of us unanimously agreed that this was the best god damn pizza any of us have ever had.

Tell me that you aren't now hungry just from looking at this damn picture. This is their Ruchetta E Prosciutto white pizza, and was topped with fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced prosciutto di parma, baby arugula, shaved parmigiano, and a balsamic reduction. Check out their full menu HERE, and prepare to drool.

Unionville Vineyards - East Amwell, NJ - Vintage North Jersey Grand Wine Trail

After lunch, we were ready for more wine! Our last top of the day, Unionville Vineyards is another award winning winery that sits on a huge, beautiful property. Everything inside is made of barnwood, which I'm a huge sucker for.  They too were packed on this Saturday afternoon. It was chaotic upstairs in the tasting room, and there was a wait to start our tasting. They redeemed themselves by giving us free wine to drink while we waited, so I can't be too cranky with them.

They have a wine lab. A WINE LAB PEOPLE!! I need to quit my job and figure out how to work here.

  Don't leave without trying:
Reisling 2012
Cam Jam 2012
Pheasant Hill Chardonnay

Current Count: 6 down, 33 to go!!

MUCH more winery fun to come, so check back soon!

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