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Brainsssssssssss...New Jersey Zombie Walk 2014

This past Saturday, thousands of zombies descended on Asbury Park's boardwalk for the annual New Jersey Zombie Walk. This year's theme was "Grey Matters" to raise awareness for Brain Cancer, and to raise funds for Camp Jinka, which is a free summer camp for kids and teens whose lives have been impacted by a loved ones diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Last year's walk broke the Guinness Book of World Record for the largest zombie gathering. We were hoping to be a part of it this year, but since the weather was total crap and rained up until about 3pm, a lot of people ultimately chose not to attend. Not that the walk was empty by any means-there were still THOUSANDS who made the trip down once the sun decided to come out in the afternoon.

Because of the rain, everything ended up having to be moved indoors, which made for a chaotic scene, with people having trouble finding the make-up room and donation tables. The beginning of the walk was also chaotic-nobody really knew which end of the boardwalk the walk started on, but eventually, it came together when they opened up the streets, and everyone lurched off the boardwalk in search of brainssssssssss.

Some of the costumes that people came up with are INCREDIBLE-it's really time to step up our game for the next event because these people put us to shame! Check out some of our favorite pictures below!

LOLOL It's Bernie!!!!

One of my favorite's-she walked the boardwalk with a bicycle (not pictured) complete with a basket and "Todo"

Janine with Zombie Sponge Bob-our other favorite

Zombie Sponge Bob walked around with a basket of brains
We're hoping for better weather next year-it would be pretty cool to be a part of breaking a world record. We need a theme-any ideas?

Til next time!

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