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Foodie Post: Guinness Ice Cream!!!!!!!!!!

I swear it was a total coincidence that I happened to make this on National Ice Cream Day. I was just in the mood for boozey ice cream I swear! And I love me some Guinness. I definitely had my fair share on my travels through Ireland, and  I've gotten creative over the years with working it into everything from stew to brownies-and now, ice cream!  

At any given time, I have almost everything on hand to make it (or maybe I make sure that I have everything on hand LOL). My one piece of advice-don't skimp on the chocolate quality. Spend the extra dollar and get yourself some quality chocolate, because it makes all the difference! I usually go with Ghirardelli, and they're delish.

If you're more of a milk chocolate person, then you're weird. Just kidding. Feel free to substitute the dark chocolate for milk chocolate. Or, if you're a badass dark chocolate lover like me, you can go hard with the 60% cacao chocolate. 

So without further adieu, let's get ready to make some ice cream!

The supplies!

7 oz dark chocolate, chopped
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup sugar
4 large egg yolks
1 cup heavy cream
3/4 cup Guinness Stout
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
a pinch of salt

Chop up your chocolate (or break it into small pieces), and put it in a large bowl. Don't worry about making the pieces super small-breaking them up by hand should be sufficient.

Get your egg yolks ready in another bowl and whisk. Set aside for a few minutes.

In a saucepan, warm up your milk, sugar and salt until it starts steaming (right before boiling). Slowly, pour this mixture into the bowl with the egg yolks and whisk well. Pour the mixture back into your saucepan.

Continue warming the mixture on medium heat. STIR CONSTANTLY!! Be sure to scrape the bottom of the pot when stirring. Did I mention that you need to KEEP STIRRING IT! Don't walk away and do dishes, or you'll ruin it :)

Once it thickens enough that it coats your spoon or spatula, remove it from the heat and pour it into your bowl with the chocolate. Stir it until it's smooth and melted. Whisk in your Guinness, heavy cream, and vanilla, and stir it until it's completely mixed in.

Your mixture should look like this!

Stick your mixture into the fridge for 6 hours (or overnight). I usually make the mixture the day before I want to make the ice cream, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Freeze it in your ice cream machine (according to your instructions). Are you looking to take it up a notch? Mix in some crumbled brownies in the last minute or two!!

Freeze your mixture for a few hours to harden, and get ready to have this ice cream rock your world. It's also good on top of brownies, or make yourself a Guinness float with it. You know you want to!

That's all for now!

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