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Foodie Post: New Orleans

New Orleans has some of the best damn food ever. Everyday, we tried a new restaurant, and I wanted to share a few of our favorite picks!

The Crazy Lobster

We decided to head down to the waterfront for our first night in town to The Crazy Lobster. It's located right on the banks of the Mississippi River, and the perfect spot for an outside dinner after it cools off and the sun goes down.

Of course, they specialize in sea food. We were feeling ambitious, so we decided to get theie famous seafood bucket for two. We definitely weren't expecting this when it came out!

I think it could have easily fed three, and it really was an amazing as it looks.

The Crazy Lobster was also the place that I got my first taste of a New Orleans Hurricane.  For those of you who aren't familiar, hurricane drinks are ordered in "categories" just like real life hurricanes.  Not wanted to get trashed, I decided to go with a conservative Category 3 to start off. The drinks here come in these huge "big gulp" cups.

Dinner comes out and everything's good, including the drink. About half way through, our waitress comes over with another drink and apologies, and explains that she gave me the wrong drink-a category five-instead of a three, and then gives me a full three. Now at this point, I'm about 3/4 of the way through my category five, and I'm feeling pretty good. I have a nice little buzz going on, and I get handed a free drink. Score! And I'm not one to waste good booze, so of course I finish the second one too.

After this, we decide to go walking around-there's a casino down the block. I vaguely remember going inside and loosing a shitload of money playing slots, and that's about where my memory ends for the night. Because at this point, I'm blackout drunk. Welcome to New Orleans!

Acme Oyster House

We decided to walk here for dinner on our second night here, and when we rounded the corner, we definitely weren't expecting the line to get in! It was almost an hour wait, but so completely worth it.

This legendary oyster house has been serving them since 1910, and you can get them made any way that you can think of-chargrilled, fried, raw, in a shooter, in a sandwich, in soup-let me stop before this starts to sound like Forest Gump. You get the point. Don't skip town without checking them out!

Cafe Du Monde

Another world famous place to check off the list! This is also located right on the banks of the Mississippi River, and if you're ever in New Orleans and don't stop here for beignets, then there's something wrong with you. They've been making beignets in this spot since 1862. WTF is a beignet you ask? It's a  square piece of sweet dough, fried, and topped with enough powdered sugar to send a diabetic into a coma. It's heaven. It's amazing. They're sold in orders of three, though I'm sure you'll want more after trying one.

Allow me to present you with a math question: If I have three beignets, and you ask for one, how many do I have left? Three, that's right, three. Because I'm not sharing.

NOLA Restaurant

Nola is owned by Emeril Lagasse, and this was our "splurge" dinner for the trip. It's located in a renovated warehouse, and" showcases rustic Louisiana and Southern cooking featuring local and regional ingredients and a few unexpected ethnic twists". It's an easy walk from anywhere in the French Quarter. Yes, it's a bit pricey-but it was so freaking good.  Their banana pudding layer cake is to die for!

Something Else Cafe

This little cafe was actually located right down the street from our hotel. They're open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it was one of our greatest finds. They're cheap, and have a huge menu that includes lots of local dishes, such as jambalaya, boudin balls, and po' boy sandwiches. It's also a perfect spot to grab some coffee and an outside table, put your feet up, and just people watch.

That's all for now-check back soon

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  1. Yum! This post just made me super hungry! And in need of moving New Orleans up in my bucket list...