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Excursion Review: Dolphin Island Punta Cana

Hey everyone! This week, I had the pleasure to travel to the beautiful Dominican Republic for some much needed R&R. The one thing that was at the top of my list there was doing some kind of dolphin swim-it's something that I've always wanted to do. I did some searching online, and came across Dolphin Island. They were actually located on our resort's property, so I ended up booking through them.

When you book through their website, they offer an "early booking" discount if you enter the code at checkout, which we did. They take a deposit (depending on the itinerary that you choose), and email you confirmation which includes the remaining balance, along with the pick-up time from your hotel.

The only glitch that we did have with the entire excursion is that they screwed up the times. My confirmation said to be ready for pick-up at 12:40pm at our hotel. After no sign of them by 1pm, I went over to guest services to call them, and they told me that they marked us as "no-shows" because our pick-up was actually at 7:55am. We were ultimately rescheduled for the next day, and that pick-up went off without a hitch.

After they pick you up, they drive you over to their office on the beach, where you pay your balance and hop onto a boat for the ride out to their "island". We chose the dolphin swim and the sea lion experience. Since almost everyone is there for the dolphins, we did this one first.

"Tony" the dolphin
  To begin, they have everyone get into the water to meet the dolphin. We had Tony the dolphin! He does a few swim-by's to get familiar with everyone-and then, one by one, we got to get a kiss from him.

Tony and I...his breath was a bit fishy LOL
After that, they let us take turns doing some tricks (he sings! he dances!), and this pretty much concludes the program.

After the dolphin program ends, everyone gets to snorkel with some sharks and sting rays-the sting rays were the size of small cars! Luckily, they stuck to the bottom and didn't bother the swimmers, but it was pretty cool to see them so up close.

 Everyone else was loaded up in the boats for the return back to then island, and it was then that we found out that we were the only two who signed up for the sea lion experience. We were beyond pumped to have the entire place to ourselves.

We had the privilege of hanging out with Sara the sea lion. She was adorable-I wanted to cuddle with her! We had the chance to take some up close photos with her before we got into the water.

Nessie with "Sara"-look at that face!!!
Similar to the dolphin experience, we got to swim around with her, watch her sing, and do some tricks. For the grand finale, they had her jump over the two of us. And Sara isn't tiny either-but it was so neat anyway.

If you're looking for a unique experience, I recommend checking them out. It's pricey at about $235 per person for both the dolphin and sea lion experiences, but they all are regardless of where you decide to do it.. Photos of your excursion are expensive as well-we paid $100 for a CD that included all of our photos, though other options are available as well. Check them out at www.dolphinislandpark.com

I have lots to share on the rest of my trip, so check back soon!

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