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Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge 5k {aka ROC Race}

The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge, better known as the ROC Race, came to Brooklyn last year. I ended up spontaneously signing up for it along with a pair of my crazy friends because it looked like so much fun. World's Largest Moon Bounce? Here's my credit card sir.

The ROC Race is an untimed 5k race that's based on those crazy Japanese game shows {think: Wipeout style}. Each race features 10-12 different obstacles, including:
  • The World's Largest Moon Bounce
  • The World's Largest Inflatable Water Slide
  • Belly Flop Drop
  • Tarzan Swing
  • Foam of Fury
  • Jump Balls
  • The Wrecking Ball
  • Cool Runnings
  • Tight Rope Traverse
Before the race started...we were nice and dry and warm.
 Registration is available both individually or in teams, which is what we did. Unfortunately, the race that we were scheduled to run had to be rescheduled because of the government shutdown. The Aviator Center apparently sits on government property which ended up causing quite the clusterfuck while they scrambled for another venue at the last minute. They ended up having to reschedule the date, which left a lot of people very unhappy who paid for it and arranged to have the day off and ended up not being able to run the race. It worked out for us because we were all able to make the new date, and it wasn't crowded at all!

The race started out with a 1/4 mile run, which then looped up {many} flights of stairs to the roof of the Aquaduct. They had several obstacles up on the roof-including the moon bounce. This was one of those times that I wish that I had bought the GoPro-because damn near every obstacle that I attempted ended up being an EPIC FAIL. I'm not graceful at all-I'm a friggin klutz. It would have made for some hilarious video though. The moon bounce was exhibit A:

The first epic fail of the day
 I was laughing so hard that I couldn't pull myself up. Eventually, I just gave it up. On to the next one!

The next epic fail of the day was the wrecking ball. For this challenge, you have to run across spinning logs {over ice cold water} while trying to avoid getting hit with these gigantic red balls swinging from a crane. Easy right?

Here's attempt #1.....wait for it........

My first try knocked my ass in the water after a few steps. And because everything that I do is an epic fail, it ended up knocking off my sunglasses. My brand....friggin...new Oakley sunglasses. I was reassured that I would be able to pick them up from the lost and found at the end, and at the end, I was reassured that they would call me to make arrangements to mail them to me, and of course they never called. Several emails later, I found out that they turned them into the Aquaduct's lost and found....who throw everything out after a week.

That mess aside, it's an awesome {and very challenging} obstacle. We ended up attempting it a few times-and my friend actually made it all the way across once which is an amazing feat.

Our race had the Gorilla Bars, Belly Flop Drop {which is another large inflatable slide pictured below}, the Tarzan Swing, and the Tightrope Traverse. The Belly Flop Drop was a tough climb-it's super steep, super slippery, and you have to pull yourself up the entire ascent with nothing but these little canvas pulls. It's tougher than it looks!

The Belly Flop Drop ascent. Notice the lack of any stairs-or much of anything to hold onto!
 The grand finale to the race is a trip down the World's Largest Inflatable Slide which was pretty neat. After you come flying down, they snap a picture at the finish line, and you have the opportunity to take more in front of their backdrop. All photos are available {for purchase of course} at obscenely high prices about two weeks after the end of the race. I had to buy the one of us at the finish line for bragging rights of course.

The race itself is a good time. It's fun, very entertaining, and definitely challenging. The organization leaves something to be desired. The sunglass fiasco ended up costing be $140, and could have been avoided if I didn't get three different answers from three different people followed by them ignoring my emails and phone calls for a week straight. There was also mass confusion after they changed the date. At first, they refused to issue refunds to all of the people that were unable to race on the new day, although they finally caved to pressure and issued them. The other fiasco was the times for our group. After they changed venues, the three of us ended up getting split into different waves of the race, and we called and emailed for several days straight before we finally got it straightened out. It was very frustrating that they didn't have anyone at all manning the phones after they changed everything-only an answering machine. But all's well that ends well. If you have the opportunity to try this race out, go for it!

For more information regarding the upcoming ROC Race schedule,  Click Here!

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  1. Hi there, I recently stumbled onto your blog, I'm not entirely sure how, but I'm very glad I did.
    That looks amazing, I will need to keep my eyes peeled and see if the ROC 5k is in Glasgow, Scotland anytime soon!
    I'm loving your blog!
    Colette x

  2. Hi Colette! So glad that you found me. And you're from my favorite country in the whole wide world! I had the privilege of spending a few days in Glasgow not too long ago-I'm trying to get back there for autumn 2015.


    1. Hope you do Larissa, It is a beautiful country, hope you enjoyed yourself. If you manage to visit again, feel free to ask for some insider secrets on where to visit haha!